(Review) Notorious B.I.G. and Faith Evans - Ten Wife Commandments

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From her yet to be released duet album called "The King & I", is this track 'Ten Wife Commandments'. In the song, Faith Evans is basically laying down the rules on how wives can have a
lasting relationship with their husbands. It's some kind of a re-do to Biggie's "Ten Crack Commandments". According to Pitchfork, Here's what Ms. Evans said about the song:
“Ten Wife Commandments” was the first song I started recording for The King & I. Excited and optimistic about the new deal & the opportunity to bring my idea to life, I started looking for Big’s acapellas on YouTube while in Detroit rehearsing with my band. With “Ten Crack Commandments” being one of the songs I had always wanted to redo, I found it and got to work! It took a few different sessions to get the commandments to be meaningful and clever, but I do feel these are points that both men and women can appreciate.

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