The venue for Runtown's show in NYC was empty until...(my story)

So I got this flyer a few weeks before the scheduled show...

I was so hyped because it was going to be my very first show EVER in my entire LIFE! I got my ticket without hesitation and planned my outfit ahead of time. I even went online to search for his songs and to memorize the lyrics...weird?

I never knew who Runtown was until Big Brother Naija started showing. The song 'Mad over you' kept coming up for sometime. I am not a fan of all these lovey dovey songs but that song went in deep into my heart. That song is not my favorite though. When I listened to 'The Banger'???? The 'gwara gwara' dance in me came out. I love that song to pieces...

Back to the matter, I did my research about Runtown. I already know Sarkodie as one of the top rappers in AFRICA. His skills are not from this earth at all...LOL! I don't understand a word in his songs except the snippets of English in it...LOL! His kind of music makes a lot of sense.

Okay. I digressed again. The flyer showed that the event will start by 9:00 pm and end by 4:00 am the next day. I thought to myself, how on earth will this show commence by that time? On the d-day, March 18th, 2017, I arrived the venue quite late...around 9:25 pm. You will not believe that the venue was closed at that time. At least that's what I felt. Did I mention that the weather was as cold as Iceland?...LOL! I am exaggerating. I haven't been to that country to compare the weather but it was so chilly and freezing that night. 

The security said the door will be opened by 10:00 pm. Say what now? 10 freaking pm! I stood there with two ladies and a guy who came before me and one other who arrived shortly after I did. It wasn't funny at all standing in that kind of excruciating weather. I wore my leather jacket on top of my denim jumpsuit with warm 'layers' underneath (of course). I never thought I would be kept waiting outside that crazy weather. That was my first strike!

As at 10:15 pm, few people started arriving with and we were allowed inside. It turned out those few people were part of the organizers, and dancers. I still went ahead and got checked in. Inside the venue had very few people in there. The DJ was blasting African and American (oldie but goodie) jamz.

The show's venue as at 11 pm
The event ended up starting some few minutes after midnight. So basically the event was for Sunday not Saturday as stated in the flyer. Strike 2! I mean it took me 2 hours (switched trains 3 times) to get to that venue and nothing was happening (except for the music playing) throughout the time we waited till after 12 midnight. 

Many upcoming artists and dancers came on stage to show case there skills. Some where impressive and some I was like 'what the h-e-e-e-e-e-e-ell?!'. I still admired their confidence. Shout out to the MC of the event. He tried to control the crowd (including moi) who wanted nothing but to see Runtown and Sarkodie perform on stage. Another artiste that performed was Eyfa, a Ghanaian neo soul vocalist, songwriter, according to Wikipedia. She is pretty good.

Time went by till 2:30ish pm. Runtown came on stage and the crowd (including me) went wild! He is quite tall. His outfit was just like any regular casual outfit. His shirt was kinda washed off. Maybe that's a trending style (who knows?). He wore a washed off (maybe white) denim jacket (which he later took off) over the shirt with a diamond encrusted pinky ring as a big boy...LOL!

Runtown LIVE at the NYC concert
He performed some his hit songs like Gallardo, Bend down pause and The Banger. The crowd was going wild. I was jumping like no man's business when he performed 'The Banger'. Did I mention it's my favorite song of his??? I literally went mad when I heard it LIVE...LOL!

Then Sarkodie appeared on stage...The crowd also went wild. Again, I was no exception. I had a 'crush' moment...walahi! That man's got the cutest smile I can ever think off. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! He's got a woman. I am very much aware. I've got no plans to snatch him or something. I don't even have the skills to do that...LOL! I have so much respect for his personal relationship with his woman but that will not prevent me from voicing out my admiration for him. He was in an all black attire. I am not a superficial person but his black timberland boots were dope. Here's a clip...

Still on Sarkodie, he performed 'Adonai' and Runtown joined him to belt out his latest song 'Pain killer' and left the stage afterwards. The crowd had mad love for both artistes. It was incredible. Runtown crowned the night with 'Mad over you'. Here's a summary of how the night went...

And the never seen video...

With all that happened, I still think my day was made. I will give the organizers 30% for not starting at the scheduled time without putting into consideration how the weather turned out that day. I left as soon as Runtown left the stage. For my very first show, I wasn't impressed but I was somewhat happy. One show down, many more to the grace of God.