Björk’s 'unusual' music video for 'Notget'

Yup, I called the video 'unusual' and I don't mean to be rude at all. First of all, I know nothing about this musical artiste, Björk, before I stumbled upon the video. While watching the video and listening to the music, I thought to myself "Should I be scared or something?" It's a first for me. I hate watching things that will cause me nightmares...

I had to search for the lyrics and based on it, the song is about heart break after a relationship. Now, I love songs based on heart breaks. Then I started to appreciate the song and what it's all about much better. 

For Björk to display all these heart felt emotions in this song, is very genius and unique. Her style is still weird to me but I truly appreciate her creativity.

The full video...

More about her new album, Vulnicura,  here.