It's 'All Over': The best of Tiwa Savage Yet

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Baby Fresh on the beat and he's killing them all...of course! LOL!

'All over' by Tiwa Savage was premiered on Big Brother Naija Finale. Then, I couldn't understand what the song was all about. Listening to the song later, I thought that this was her best song yet...of course after 'Ife Wa Gbona'.

'All over' is a love song which talks about how the love you have for someone gives you goosebumps and all of that mushy mushy love stuff. I would love see Ms. Savage do heartbreak songs. I know what all we need in our lives is steadfast love but sometimes we go through some hurt and channeling that hurt into a song can be somewhat uplifting.

Why heartbreak though? I am more drawn to heartbreak songs than love songs. Yeah, it's weird. It tells a story and gives you an insight of what the person is going through and teaches one how to move on from that situation...phew! This is just me thinking crazy...LOL!

Ladies, it feels amazing when the men spend their money on you but it is much more empowering to be independent and depend on men occasionally. It just one thing that caught my attention while listening to the song and hearing "..I'll make you spend this money o...".

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