Jamie Foxx on New Show 'Beat Shazam'

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The show BEAT SHAZAM premieres Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 9/8c on Fox and I honestly can't wait for it to start. Jamie talked with Billboard and gave a rundown on how the show will work. His response:
Basically each song is played by a DJ, and if you can guess it they give you money -- $10,000 in the first round, and it goes up. The team that has the least money at a couple of rounds, they leave, then the remaining team will battle against Shazam. During the show, the contestants have multiple-choice answers, but when you're going up against Shazam, it's just one song. So you choose a category, Shazam will say how fast it takes for it to recognize the song -- 4.8 seconds -- that means you have 4.8 seconds or less to guess the song. If you can do that and beat Shazam six times, you win the big money. But as the game progresses, things get tougher.
This sounds like a game show I can be part of because I kinda pride myself on knowing a lot of songs around the world. First, I have to watch first to know the kind of songs that will be showcased.

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