MTV Base honors 3 'lowkey' African Producers ...minus Don Jazzy!

Killbeatz, Wichi and Kamera 

The bible states in Romans 13:7 that you should give "honor to whom honor is due." I just went biblical on this one.

Based on the quote above, MTV Base recognized, in a very special way, 'few producers' who are making a difference in the music industry through their work behind the scenes. Check it out here.

Congratulations to the chosen three...but why just three? One major producer was left out...

His name is Don Jazzy. There is no way you can exclude him from the list of 'African music producers' behind great hits that rock the continent. And for the fact that Don Jazzy's picture was used in that post  like so...

...and nothing was written about him?...that's some nasty old shade, MTV Base. Sensing that Don Jazzy is a cool guy, I am sure he won't take it to heart because he knows his worth and how great he has impacted the music industry as a whole, abi? In MTV's defense, the word 'low key was used'. Maybe, Don baba J is on the 'high' side...*wink*

I want to use this opportunity to shout out to all those that work behind the scenes to make those hit records what they are...keep doing what you are doing. You are definitely not forgotten. Bravo!