(Review) French Montana - Unforgettable ft. Swae Lee

Swae Lee and French Montana
Photo from instagram @frenchmontana

French Montana collaborated with Swae Lee (from Rae Sremmurd) in making this video for 'Unforgettable'.  I absolutely love the vibe I got from watching this video which was shot in Kampala, Uganda. No naked ladies but only talented young people displaying their dancing skills.

But that split though!

And what was French doing here?


I wonder why he chose to shoot in Uganda instead of his home country of Morroco? Hmmm... But whatever the reason, I ain't mad at all. It gives me great joy he gave this kids an opportunity and I hope this will open many more doors for them. These group of kids are known as the Triplets Ghetto Kids.

A very impressive video this is. I've watched it uncountable times. My favorite from French Montana so far even though the song had no connection with the video. I just paid attention to the beat and the dance.

The full video...

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