(Review) Mr Eazi - Fight ft. Dj Cuppy...things that went wrong

After listening and watching Mr. Eazi's newly released music video for 'Fight' on April 1 2017, I thought to myself, hmmm! Nice visuals but what's the reason for adding DJ Cuppy to the the title of the song? Of course she's a DJ and all of that but did she produce the song? Or was it just a strategy?

I mean if she had nothing to do with the song (production-wise), there's no use adding her name to the title. Yet again, it must have been a strategy for the video to get more views...but Mr. Eazi is already a household name with numerous fans (including moi) scattered all over the world. Well, whatever the reason was, they know better.

Another thing I couldn't just deal was this...

Joke or no joke, why snatch a lady's wig like that though? Mr. Eazi should know that as a very popular artist, he is also an influencer especially to his very young fans. They might think that it is okay to pull a woman's wig whenever they want to. You should treat women with respect...especially their wigs (LOL! I added that :P)...but seriously, show some respect dude!

The full video...

What's your take on the video? You like?