(Review) Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne - No Frauds (Music Video)

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Pick a side! Pick a side!

Nope! I will not pick a side on this one. 'No Frauds' happen to be a response to the diss track 'Shether' released by Remy Ma. Let me just say that 'Shether' was outright nasty and vile. Nicki's response wasn't that mean compared to Remy Ma.

What I loved about the Nicki's version is the scenery where the video was shot. All I thought was taking myself on a vacation to that beautiful place (I believe its London). I am impressed with the video shoot.

Enough with the back and forth. Both ladies should come together and harsh everything out like the matured grown-ups that they are. I love female rappers because to me, they are strong, bold and strong (again). They are very few in the industry. Please don't tear each other down?!

'No Frauds' video...

'No Frauds' is currently trending at number 1 on YouTube with over  6,376,911 views (and counting) since she released it on Apr 19, 2017. Meanwhile, 'Shether' (audio) which was released on Mar 9, 2017 had 1,185,432 views (maybe still counting) as at today. If the given stats is any indication of who's wining...well! 

Let peace reign, beautiful ladies and use your God-given talents to make this world a better place.