Review on 2Baba - 'Holy Holy'...Similar to 'You No Holy Pass'

2Baba premiered 'Holy Holy' on the grand finale of the Big Brother Nigeria Show, I thought to myself, "haven't I heard this song before?"...The song is basically directed to people that criticize others just to make them look bad or bring them down, stating that except if they are holier than Elijah in the Bible, they should stop the hating and the bashing.

To me, 'Holy Holy' is a sequel (kind of recycled) to 'You no Holy Pass' (Pidgin English for 'not holier than thou') a song by 2Baba from his 2004 album 'Face 2 Face'. Then he was known as 'TuFace' or 2Face.

I enjoyed listening to both songs but they sound similar to me in terms of the message being passed on. He would have just titled 'Holy Holy' as the remix to 'You no holy pass'. Did he think no one would notice that? Well, I did sha!

Listen to 'Holy Holy'...

Listen to 'You no Holy Pass'...

What do you think?