(Review) Sarkodie - Gboza (Music Video)

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You know what time it is....

Can Sarkodie do any wrong in his music? Nope! I don't think so. He released the music video for his latest single 'Gboza' it is everything. His rapping skills are still on point and if you have noticed, most of his videos (if not all) don't have naked or 'semi-demi' nude ladies jumping around all in the name of dancing. That is why my respect (and love) for Sarkodie will always increase. Okaaaay! Painkiller had 2 women but they were kinda decently dressed, yes?

The music video features Samuel Nana Yaw Dabo aka Dabo, a popular Ghanaian Actor. He played a mischievous character from what I observed in the video. Sarkodie was in the background dishing out the bars and rhymes and all of that if you know what I mean...LOL! Dabo reminds me of Chinedu Ikedieze but that is a topic for another day.

The word 'Gboza' from Nigerian point of view, it is a 'gun sound' you verbally make when you admire what someone has said or done. You know when those in the military give 21 gun salute you honor someone or group of people? That can of vibe is mimicked when using the word 'Gboza'. Ghanaians might have a different meaning and I wouldn't mind to know...(please comment below)
Now I don't know the connection of the song's title with the video since the song is in a Ghanaian dialect. The rapper is known to rap in his dialect and sometimes spice it up with English, a technique I love and encourage some much.

Watch the video below...

My mood while listening to the song...

What are your thoughts? You like or nah?