Spotlight Sunday: Nigerian Gospel Artist, Frank Edwards

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Frank Edwards

The day before, I thought of the person I would feature this lovely Sunday morning. It took less than 2 seconds for the name 'Frank Edwards' to come to mind. Now something happen when I wanted to get more info about this artiste. I never knew that there was another 'Frank Edwards' that existed before. i read through and found out that particular artist died in 2002 (here's how I searched). I was like "the Frank I have been listening to can't be dead and yet released songs year after year." It shook me for a little bit before realizing what happened.

So Frank Edwards aka Frank Ugochukwu Edwards (born July 22, 1989) is a Nigerian contemporary Christian singer-songwriter and recording artist from Enugu, Enugu State. I describe him as a person that loves to take risks with his music. He's the only Nigerian I know that creates gospel songs with an influence of pop rock and most recently, country. To take that kind of risk, as a Nigerian and for it to pay off (I believe it is) shows how good he is and how far up he'll go. He has collaborated with many influential artistes especially the amazing Don Moen. They collaborated in this song, Eze Ndi Eze. Listen below.

I love (some) rock and country music which made me to appreciate Frank Edwards songs more and more. He recently released 'Very Big God'. He described the song as:
 ...a new country music that tells the testimonies of real people like you .

Yes! I join in that testimony to proclaim that I have a very big God and I am not afraid of tomorrow because he always by my side. Amen!

As you enjoy the song, have a blessed Sunday!

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