French Montana Contibutes to Mama Hope Organization in Uganda

French Montana at the Suubi Health Center
Awww! Isn't he the sweetest? In the course of shooting his video for 'Unforgettable' (my review) in Uganda, French Montana went ahead and donated $100,000 to Mama Hope organization which supports global entrepreneurship to help end extreme poverty. The funds will help build the Suubi Health Center and finance local blood banks in Uganda.

On why he had the urge to make that donation, he told billboard:
I feel like sometimes God puts you in a platform where you're supposed to help other people.
So true! On his experience in the country, he said:
That touched my heart when I went out there. I wanted to give them the shirt off my back and help as soon as possible.
You did good brother! More information on the organization and how to make your own contribution here 

God bless Frenchie! A whole lot needs to be done to help struggling countries. Kudos to all those people that have been consistent with their generosity towards these countries. I hope more and more artistes (or anyone) will be more open to charitable works to improve the world.