(Review) Adekunle Gold – Work

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If I listen to a song more than twice, there are two things involved. It's either I am not sure of what I'm listening to or that song is dope. I listened to 'Work' by Adekunle Gold from his debut album 'Gold' more than twice and I love it because it is dope!

He is one of the seasoned Nigerian artistes that give me meaningful songs that is songs that deliver a message. The song talks about people that live the fake life. the clear message here is for us to be respectful, honest and 'cut your coat to fit your body'. They should 'stop living fake life' and work o! Anything you want in this life, you can get it. Double your hustle cos no food for lazy man. Word my brother!

The song is a mixture of Yoruba, Pidgin-English and English. The video showcased the various works of life carried out by dedicated Nigerians from the east, west, north and south. The imagery in the video is superb and captured the beautiful parts of the country.

Good job!