(Review) Psy's New Releases In A Day: ‘I LUV IT’ and ‘New Face’

K-Pop mega star, Psy, on May 10th of 2017, released two songs; ‘I LUV IT’ and ‘New Face’ from his latest album. Psy went all out yet again to thrill his fans (like moi) with crazy dance moves and creative costumes. The songs already have millions of views (as expected).

Just let these dance moves marinate into your being...and try them out (I dare you!) :P

'New Face' dance...

'I Luv it' dance...

When you are done learning the dance moves, watch the full videos below...

Watching the videos, I was amazed by the amount of work that was done to have the final results. It is so hard to pick a favorite between the two songs. Psy's style of music is always catchy. You might not understand most of the lyrics (Yes! there's an English sub-title but who has the time for that?) You have two choices; focus on the subtitle and miss the fun or enjoy the song regardless. I am here for the enjoyment.

Psy shared the making of the videos and it showed him directing as well as having fun doing what he does best...make entertaining music.

Psy is simply a GENIUS! Isn't he? By the way, I love 'New Face' because of the cool dance moves. 'I Luv it' also has some cool dance moves but the message behind it really got to me. "Life is hell but you get up...took an L but didn't give up...I LUV IT! Hmm nice! Which song do you prefer? Or do you like both songs? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Watch his appearance at the variety show, Ask Us Anything. So fun and hilarious!