(Review) Toofan Ft. Patoranking - "MA GIRL" (Music Video)

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The duo, Toofan, is definitely a group to watch out for in the music industry. I mean their music is always full of energy and makes you want to dance whether you understand what they are saying or not. There real names are Fatowou Kossivi and Blaise Mensah and they are from Togo which means their music is mostly in french. More info about the duo here

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Fatowou Kossivi et Blaise Mensah
'Ma Girl' is another song that was released by this group and Nigeria's own Patoranking. I am already obsessed with the song to the extent it has become an ear-worm...LOL! The song is about appreciatingthe opposite sex which in this case is the female (I think).

I actually did not see any use for featuring Patoranking. I mean this in a good way because the two other guys are already in control of the music. After Patoranking sang his part I was like "that's it?!" Except the feature was just for more exposure, there was no need for him.

Let me talk about the dance...each of their song, the duo always come up with a unique dance step that goes with the song. Just like this one below...

Ain't that cool? The song has a lot of cool dance moves and video like that has my undivided attention. I know I am not alone on this feeling. I love a good dance music and this song's got it all. 

Here's the full video...

If you want to learn the dance moves, here's a tutorial below...the lyrics here

Toofan go all out to get their fans (including moi) involved in their music. I love them. Let me know what the music is all about...I mean the meaning.