The Not-so-positive Effect of 'Gangnam Style'...according to Psy

photo from soompi
In a recent interview on 'Ask Us Anything', Psy opened up on the effect his mega hit track 'Gangnam Style' had on his musical career:
The hardest time after my debut was during ‘Gangnam Style’ promotions. Even I didn’t know the song would be such a hit. I just did it for fun and it became too big. Then the anticipation for my next release increased, and it scared me.
He further explained:
It felt like it was my birthday and the day never seemed to end. Metaphorically speaking, I went up without preparing a parachute. I didn’t know I would go up that high. I tried to ignore the fact that the audience is expecting a lot from me, and later I realized that the person expecting the most out of me is myself, So after ‘Gangnam Style,’ I kept on thinking, ‘Why doesn’t this song succeed like ‘Gangnam Style’?’ I think that period in my life was the hardest for me. I still don’t know why that song became so big. It’s such a mystery.
Psy is the only person that understands was he's feeling. A whole lot is expected from him after 'Gangnam Style went viral in 2012 (5 years ago...WOW!). The song presently has over 2,840,351,893 views on YouTube. So I get the pressure he's feeling to meet up to that expectation. 

He mentioned he "still don’t know why that song became so big". I would say he was just being himself. He shouldn't be so hard on himself. He is one of the hardest working artiste, per my observation, in the music industry worldwide. If you don't understand, I will explain later.

You can watch the interview here