Watch: Justin Bieber Forgets Spanish Lyrics in 'Despacito'

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This 'Despacito' song by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee kept playing over and over on my radio early this morning. I've been hearing that song for sometime now but never cared to know what the song was all about. I decided to check it out today. Now I can't get it out of my head because I love the song. I do not understand Spanish (except a little like si for yes).

The song is so catchy to the extent I found myself joining in when I hear 'deeeespacito', 'pasito a pasito' and 'poquito a poquito'. For the rest of the lines, I simply speak gibberish, you know, just to go with the!

So the song was remixed and this time added Justin Bieber to the mix...

It sounds so good...until Justin decided to sing the song in a live performance and see how it turned out here. I just can't with this guy! he was having so much fun while giving the song a different meaning. For those of us understand gibberish, we get him. LOL!

Why didn't he cram the lyrics though?