(Review) Daniel Wilson - Do something

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Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson (aka Mr. Ragamuffin) is  a highly notable Nigerian musician way back in the 90's. He is still highly respected in the music industry. He, like every other Nigerian citizen, is VERY pissed with the government and how the country is ruled.

As a talented artiste, he is channeling his anger and disgust through his music. He released 'Never Again' months ago and 'Do something' few days ago. You know, music is not all about singing about all that mushy mushy love stuff. You have to dig deep and reveal what is bothering you about your life and surrounding.

The idea behind the song 'Do something', he stated on the YouTube description:
As each day goes by more and more people have come to accept the fact that the Buhari administration is a government of FASCISTS and BEASTS. They are led and guided by dark and sinister forces whose sole agenda is to divide our people and destroy our country.
It is about time that Nigerians woke up and stood up to their madness and tyranny. We must employ all lawful means to resist them and expose them for what they are. Not only are they incompetent but they are also sadistic and wicked. Nowhere in the world do citizens sit by idly and say nothing when their rights are being violated in this way. -Femi Fani Kayode(FFK).
I agree with him 100 percent! The song is imploring all Nigerians to 'Do Something' to change the embarrassing situation plaguing the nation. Very nice! He went ahead to list out the former heads of state and notable political figures to 'Do Something'. Why?! Some of them are the cause of Nigeria's present predicament. Why call on them to 'do something' when they've done enough to tarnish the image of the country??? 

My present anger is that how can someone, knowing that you are not strong (health-wise) to rule a nation, yet you went ahead to contest (not once or twice or thrice) to be elected as president. Please, if that is not wickedness, tell me what it is. You are not physically sound enough yet you want to be a leader of one of the greatest nation in Africa???

We have all the right to be mad and angry but on the other hand, President Muhammadu Buhari is in London for a 'follow up doctor's appointment'. If not for anything, he needs the prayers of his people to at least come home hale and hearty. The Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo, who is filling in for the President, is getting things done (from what I've been reading). He needs the support and co-operation from the people.

All I am trying to say is, with anger comes a lot of evil things. Let the good of the country be at the back of our mind. Killing and cursing will solve no problem. Express the anger with love. Nigeria needs a FRESH leader (not recycled) with good (genuine) intentions for the country. Someone with excellent track record; someone to show the world the true and positive image Nigeria possesses. Nigeria needs a lot of fixing and someone to move the nation to greater heights. Nigeria needs a healthy and capable leader! You see the eagle in the 'coat of arms' which stands for strength? We need a strong leader that can emulate that strength and bring the nation out its crisis.

'Do Something' y'all!