The Real Meaning of "Banana Fall On You" in Davido's 'Fall'

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In the not-so-newly released music video for 'Fall' by the multi-award winning artiste, Davido, a particular line in the song raised some questions that needed to be answered. 

Even though I feel that most of these music speak the same language which surrounds love and women and so on, I didn't quite pay attention to the lyrics of the said song until I came across a video online of a man asking young ladies what the line "Banana Fall On You" means. It was quite funny to me because the young man asking the question kept a straight face all through whereas the ladies hilariously tried to give their below

Davido - Fall

What do you think is the true meaning of that line in the song?


  1. Banana is food now, simple. He is saying money fall on you clothing fall on you food fall on you because I’m in love with you, simple!


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