Flavour's 'Ijele The Traveler' Album Tracklist - Hit or Miss?

The Nigerian Afro High Life Musician, Flavour, released his fifth studio album titled, 'Ijele - The Traveler' on iTunes (and to the world) on 26th June 2017. You always feel the hard work and love for the craft he (Flavour) put together in each of albums and this latest one is not an exception. He worked hard (for sure) but after listening to some the tracks, there were some hits and misses.  

Based on some of the tracks released

Ijele (ft Zoro) ----> For someone like me who is a lover of igbo tradition, this is definitely a HIT! The sounds of the local instrument used gave this song the uplift. Me like!


Chimamanda---> now Flavour went to church on this one so it's definitely a HIT! 

Body Calling (ft Terry Akpala) ---> A ver explicit song. That's typical for Flavour but It just dosen't sound right. I get it that he's trying new stuff, adding new 'flavours' (pun intended) and all. It's still a huge MISS! pour moi!

Ukwu Nwata ----> Hilarious intro though. This song praises the attributes of beautiful woman in 'highlife' way. The concentrated igbo is very intriguing (to me). A HIT!

Oppressor----> This on gives me that Nigerian Jùjú music and it's dedicated to all those that oppress one another, warning to never mind them. somewhat a HIT!

Iheneme ft Chidinma--->  This is the fourth time (right?) Flavour is teaming up with beautiful artiste Chidinma. It's not the best song they've done together but they sure have that musical chemistry. A MISS!

Nnekata---> This one talks about finding that special woman and doing the right thing by taking her to the altar and making her the wife. I know Flavour is singing on behalf of those that want to be in this situation because he (Flavour) has said that marriage is a 'distraction' for him. read here. somewhat a HIT!

Jaiye---> The lyrics and the beat to this song were just all over the place. A fill-in-the-gap type of  track. Quite a mess MISS!

Most High (feat. Semah G. Weifur)----> Awwww! I had goose pimples listening to this song. Oh my God! Semah G. Weifur, a visually impaired young man and huge fan of Flavour made his debut . They both met when Flavour paid a visit to Liberia. watch here. Flavour should better launch a gospel music career for this kid because he has an amazing voice. This track gave me the chills! A HIT!!!

Virtuous Woman---> I believe this song is a special dedication to all women with high moral standards. For someone who sees a woman (as a wife) as a distraction, Flavour sure knows how to praise women and hold them in high regards in all his songs. Very contradicting....a HIT!

Loose Guard (feat. Phyno)---> You know this album will not be complete without Phyno making an appearance (sort of). He (Phyno) was at his best as usual. Always a good match...both of them. A HIT!!!!

Oringo---> I absolutely don't know how I feel about this track...can't balme me. my head is saturated already...LOL! somewhat HIT or MISS!!!

Sake of Love (feat. Sarkodie)---> Sarkodie 'KILT' this track. Flavour would have kept quite and allow Sarks to take over (just kidding!). Sarkodie's rapping skills is phenomenal!...a HIT!!!

Baby Na Yoka---> sounds very similar to his hit song from his debut album, Nwa Baby which is still banging till this day. A song that can serve as a guilty pleasure. A HIT!

Catch You---> Oooookay nah! This is definitely an explicit song...very sultry. I listened and watched the video afterwards. Uhmm! It is sex-y overload. I am so short for words. Flavour really WENT there! Y'all can rate this one whether it is a HIT or MISS.  The song is giving me Tekno Miles kinda vibes. Not really a fan but hey!

What's your favorite track in the Ijele album? Kindly share below in the comments section...