How Google Translated Olamide's Part in Wale's 'Fine Girl' song

Davido, Wale et Olamide

From his fifth album 'Shine', Wale recently released the music video for 'Fine Girls' featuring Nigeria's biggest acts Davido and Olamide. The song, judging from some of the African flags, celebrates and appreciates beautiful women across Africa (and the entire world of course). A way to empower the the women to appreciate the gorgeousness of the melanin in them...that's just me thinking.

The whole song is in English and a little bit of pidgin English except for Olamide's part which is in Yoruba. I decided to consult Google Translate to know exactly what the artiste was saying. Lo and behold the translation;

WTH Google!     Based on the little I know, the word 'nla' in Yoruba means 'big' in English. I might be wrong. I wonder if there are actual Nigerian linguists working in Google at all. Should I be mad or what?

Meanwhile, Wale, what's this dance called?   How e dey do you? 

The full video...

Please can anyone help out in translating Olamide's part of the song?


  1. Lol. Omg what a murder to the language. I know Olamide is talking about the fine girl having a big booty. But really Google should employ the right people for translations. Good job you made me laugh with this post😂


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