My First Experience with Linkin Park....R.I.P Chester Bennington!

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Wow! My heart broke today. I was completely shocked when I learned of the passing of the front man of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington. The shock made me remember how I came to love the rock band.

It was way back in 2008, when my older brother came home for our grand-pa's burial. He came with a pack of music cds. I was in the mood to listen to something 'new'. I can't remember what made me to pick Linkin Park. I listened to Meteora, loved the album but the 'Numb' was my favorite.

When I later got to watch the music video for 'Numb', the one guy that registered was the one that wore glasses who happened to be Chester. To be honest, I never knew his name till when I learned of his passing. When anyone mentions the band name, his face is the only one I see. It wasn't a crush or anything. It was just deep likeness for the passion he exudes while performing. 'What I've done'...another song I love. Quite a deep song.

Wow! He's gone! I am not here to question why he chose to die the way he did. I only pray "to let mercy come and wash away what's been done...."

To those reading this, when you are going through difficult times, don't keep it to yourself. If you are not religious or spiritual, open up to someone...please! Get help! This life we have, is precious. Try your best to live this life to the fullest. 


What I've done

Rest in peace, Chester Bennington!


  1. So sad. Depression is real and the irony is it wears a happy face. RIP Chester


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