Cardi B who? Logic's 1-800 should be number 1 on the charts!

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"I been on the low, I been taking my time, I feel like I'm out of my mind, It feel like my life ain't mine. Who can relate? I don't wanna be alive. I just wanna die today. I just wanna die."

Very painful words, I tell you. Not mine though (good Lord!) but from the lyrics of the song '1-800-273-8255' by Rapper Logic (one of the brightest so far). The song (which brought tears to my eyes) encourages those suffering from any form of mental health to seek help by dialing '1-800-273-8255'. Those that can't access this number especially those that live outside the US, should help themselves by confiding in someone or call the number made available to them.

"I want you to be alive, You don't gotta die today. You don't gotta die"

Life's hard and depressing but it is not enough reason to take your own life. You are loved and appreciated no matter what negative thoughts come to your mind. You are needed in this life. You are here for a purpose. You are greater than that depressing thought in your head. You have greater power. Shed that ego and ask for help.

This song should be number 1...permanently! Or rather, more songs with meaningful messages should be made to make people aware that  their life is precious and they shouldn't destroy it but fight hard to keep it.

The song is now highest-charting phone number in hot 100 history. Read more here. It is currently on number 3 behind Cardi B's 'Bodak Yellow'. I want Logic's to be at the top the longest (just because!)

Check out the performance at the MTV VMAs

Powerful song! Also check out the lyrics here

Please be your's brother/sister's keeper.  Be attentive and look out for one another. 

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"Life is awesome. Stop overthinking it." - Logic