Mi Gente Remix Ft Beyoncé...Houston! A City Or Country?

J Balvin, Beyoncé et Willy William (Photos from Google Images)

All these while I have been hearing this song 'Mi Gente' play, I haven't had the time to check it out. It is a dope song but I was not that moved to check it out.

Upon hearing that Beyoncé did a remix for the song to support those that were affected in the Hurricane especially in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, I came back to earth to watch the song. SMH She sure does have a way of making people do stuff. Not that I am a fan of hers. I respect her though!

Her announcement...

If you are a dancer and a music lover like moi, you'll loove this jam 'Mi Gente' which means 'My People'. Very good! I love Beyoncé's input and her Spanish speaking skills but when did Houston become a country??? or am I missing something?

I am quite confused why the other artistes mentioned their countries and then...Houston??? Houston is a city in Texas which was recently affected by the heavy flooding as a result of the StormBeyoncé is from Houston and we know she's influential and all but that doesn't make 'Houston' a country.

Check out the video...(can you spot C. Ronaldo and Neymar???)

I love this song! More than 2 million views since its release on 09/28/2017. Check out the lyrics in English here

The original...(almost 1 billion views)

Which do you prefer, the original or the remix??? I like both.