The Best Part in Olamide's 'Wo!!' music video

I love this song...Wo!! I mean walahi! Oh my goiz! (in my Olamide's voice). You know that feeling when you are just mad at something and this song comes up, you start to dance forgetting you were mad few seconds ago???

Watching the video, this made my day even more happier... favorite part in the video. And what do you think is in the bottle she's holding? She has no care in the world with all these 'wahala' wey full everywhere. I love her already! Her dance moves though?! If you squint, you'll think that's 'Uncle Sege' aka 'you know who I mean'...

WO! Olamide, thanks for representing the streets, for making them feel included...and making your dough while at it *wink*

Olamide - Wo!! Full video below...also available here and here

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