This is Exhausting...P-Square is DONEZO!

Okoye Family: Paul, Jude and Peter

This on again, off again relationship between the sibling duo know as P-Square is just to exhausting (pour moi). There is a point were you keep mending things and it becomes very impossible to be put together and just let things be.  I am tired (and hurt) of hearing about their family feud. And they are supposed to be twins????! Smh

Peter Okoye (aka Mr. P) have taken major steps to call it quits (I think it's final this time) with the group, P-Square. On how this feud started, read here. More here

One of their hit songs...


Whatever decision they take should be respected by all. They have most definitely made huge impact in Nigerian music industry and across Africa. That should be appreciated. It's time for them to move on for peace sake. 

I personally wish them all the best.