I Tried to Hate 'Cuppy x Tekno - Greenlight'

Cuppy et Tekno (pics from google images)

Oh boy! I have been lagging behind in keeping up with the latest Naija music. Well I take it little by little in order not to be too overwhelmed because there are so many new ones out there.

I got to listen (and watch) 'Greenlight' by DJ Cuppy and Tekno. I had mixed emotions just by looking at the artistes involved.  "Will I enjoy this song or not?" was what I thought at first. Yeah! I basically judged the song before listening to it.

I ended up listening to it but cringed when I heard DJ Cuppy's voice in the said song. I was like...

Image result for cringe meme

Pardon me but I wasn't expecting her to say anything. That changed real quick cos it added a good flavor to the song, I must say.

I tried to hate the song but couldn't. I listened (and watched) more than once and couldn't help but appreciate the song even more. The style of the song is more of Tekno's. I am referring to the  (unique) subtleness of the beat. Her input to the song was just brief compared to Tekno (whom I thought owned the song). Maybe this is her way of letting her audience get a taste of what she's got to offer in the near future. 

I am very eager to listen to DJ Cuppy's next song that features just her (that is if this is the route she wants to take). I hope she kills it. Yes! I am rooting for her. Girl Power!

Listen and watch - Cuppy x Tekno - Greenlight'

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