P-Square Saga: One Tells All and The Other Throws Shade

Paul et Peter (images from google)

I took my time to listen to their old songs from 'Last Nite' and "Get Squared' Albums just to get inspired of some sort. Taking me back to when they started off. Amazingly talented duo I tell you.  In 'Bizzy Body' we heard them say "Peter and Paul, dem be one no be two...". The duo must have realized that they definitely two.

It all over and they've gone there separate ways...hopefully for the very last time! Yes! You heard it...I said 'hopefully'! This blog is not about gossip and all that shenanigans but since the issue is related to music, y'all gatz tah know!...LOL

So the twins had separate interviews with Beat FM. One spilled the tea and even called out names and the other simply threw shade. WATCH and figure out who did what and what...

Peter Okoye's  (aka Mr P) interview...

Paul Okoye's  (aka Rudeboy) interview...P.S the stage name relates nothing to his character but who am I to say so???

Check out their latest solo singles...

Mr P - Cool it down (over 1 million views)

Rudeboy - Nkenji Keke (over 300,000 views)

Which song rocks?

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