Sinach - In Love with You (Review)

With all the difficulties in the world, people feeling abandoned and unloved, this song 'In Love with You' reassures us how much God loves us regardless.

Sinach, a truly talented and multi award-winning Nigerian Gospel music singer and songwriter released this beautiful song on 12/25/2017 (Christmas day) and she meaning behing the song:
The essence of Christmas, is the birth of Jesus; the day God showed us His love and gave us His son. We are in love with Him, because He first loved us. It’s a love song celebrating the birth of Jesus, therefore sing with me to celebrate His Love!
She even implored everyone to  "post a video of yourself singing the love song this season, and tag @therealsinach and #inlovewithyou on Instagram or Snapchat". The lyrics video she released will surely help in order to master the song.

The song is so comforting. I had chills and goosebumps while listening to it over and over again. She did it again (pun intended). She's a gift.

Watch the video..Enjoy! 

I can't wait to see how the music video will turn out. Always remember that God loves you no matter what!