The Artiste to Watch: Jaye Moni

Jaye Moni (photo from insta @jayeknows)

I am one of those that watch a lot of videos on YouTube especially vlogs. I subscribed to an up and coming vlogger, JustDoing Mi. Her love for Barcelona attracted me to her channel. She plays a lot of afro-inspired songs that I kinda dig. Somehow she revealed the songs belong to her sister, Jaye Moni.

I am impressed with her (Jaye) kind of music and she definitely has the personality and swag to succeed in the music industry. She seems confident in her craft and can hold her own in any situation. Some of her music videos definitely needs some professional touch but what I see is someone who is very determined to showcase her craft to the world.

Now here's some of her songs that I love...

Ololufemi (Need Somebody) ---> MY FAVORITE!!!

Love No Go Die ---> Her latest

Chronic and Tonic ---> I didn't really get what this one was all about but the beat's dope.


I already see great things happening for her in the future...if she works very hard. She will definitely shine bright and be were she's meant to the top!