All you need to know about Teddy A of Big Brother Naija

Tope Oladipo Adenibuyan from Ondo State, Nigeria. Popularly known by Nigerians as 'Teddy A'. As most people know, he is currently in Big Brother Naija house competing (with the other contestants) to win the grand prize of 45 million naira. 
He is an up and coming musician who has collaborated with Nigerian top artistes such as Phyno and Timaya. He has even gone across to work with Ugandan's own, Eddy Kenzo. The video below shows Teddy A explaining the whole collaboration thingy and what his music is about...

 He is quite talented. Below are some of his songs and how I feel about them...

Baby Mo ---> Nice! 

Pepper ft. Phyno ---> If Phyno is involved, you better come correct. This a favorite of mine.  

Feeling The Boy ft Timaya (freestyle) ---> This song made no sense at all but it's a freestyle, right? 

Ije Love ---> I see a lot of Davido's influence in this one but nice one though 

African Baby ft. Eddy Kenzo ---> Nice flavor   

Welu ---> I played it once, played it twice and couldn't get enough of this song. Any song that will make dance like crazy is a HIT! (Favorite)

Whether he wins big brother Naija or not, he will definitely go far...that is if he puts in more work.

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