Here's Why I like The Nudity In Brymo's Heya

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Brymo released the video to 'Heya!', the lead single off his sixth studio album - OṢÓ and it didn't disappoint at all. 

At first when I saw him come of that river like...

My exact reaction was...

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And then he sat down with his bare bottom to play the piano. That one got me like...

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I will scrub the hell out of that stool (bleach and everything) before it can be used again. At the same time, I must say that Brymo is definitely comfortable in his skin for him to go that extra mile in the video. He is brave and only the brave take risks to pass a message across.

That said! As the song started, I was drawn in by the sense the lyrics were making. All I could utter was "WOW!". Brymo is a lyrical genius Nigeria needs. You need to think deep to understand what the music video is trying to portray. 

As expected, many were not impressed   He had to explain his nudity on a lifestyle show called 'Sunday Scoop'. Here's his explanation...
The song is an expression of my environment. I like to paint as much as I can and I think that most of us are bush people, even though we live in cities. The video portrayed a bush man living in the city. If you look around, you wouldn’t see much evidence of civilization. We did not create most of the things that we use in this country and that’s not good. We need to think.
Uhmmm, true! But Brymo, did you create the piano you used in the video???     Whatever happened to change begins with you???   Well, this post is not about bashing Brymo (even though I'm stating a fact) but to show that his creativity is well appreciated by moi 

When asked if all the act was a 'publicity stunt', he replied:
Even if it’s a publicity stunt, is there anything wrong with that? Singers spend a lot of time and energy in the studio. So is there anything absurd in them drawing some attention to their songs?
My dear, you've got to do what you can to get your music (or whatever you are marketing) out there. It can be risky though. To me, he backed this stunt up with deep rooted lyrics (if that makes sense). Now I don't know if the risk really paid off because the YT views (currently 234,676 views since it was published on Mar 27, 2018...and still counting).

Just look beyond the 'nudity'   and appreciate the 'ingenuity' that is contained in this song. Nice 'body' of work, Brymo! 

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Heya - the music video...

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