Let the 'Salt of the Sound' Nourish Your Soul

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Salt Of The Sound duo,  Ben and Anita Tatlow (image from band website)

Happy Easter Monday!

As I was listening to my morning devotion today (via Laudate app), I heard a different version of 'It is well with my soul' by the Salt of The Sound. I heard the reggae, jazz, contemporary...name it. The song sounds good in any version but this duo took it to another level that touched the innermost part of my soul.

To know more about what they are all about, this interview on The Antidote Radio published on Mar 18, 2016 on YouTube, will give you a full load...

My favorite songs (mind you all their songs are perfect to me)

Dwell Among us (From Album, Through The Mist)

It Is Well With My Soul (From Album Lent, Vol. 1)

I Need Thee Every Hour (From Album Lent, Vol. 1)

Did You Hear It? (From Album, Echoes Of Wonder)

From Afar (From Album, Waiting For The Dawn)

Beautiful songs. I keeping getting some Dido vibes from listening to each music. Check here for more amazing songs. I pray as you listen, that you get uplifted, enlightened and fulfilled. Amen!

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