Who Is In Love with DJ Cuppy's Vybe ft Sarkodie?

DJ Cuppy et Sarkodie (cover art from google images)

If you know me well by now, you'd know that mushy mushy songs ain't my jam BUT...if it involves legends like Sarkodie, count me IN like ASAP (rocky ). Now, after releasing her hit single ”Green Light” featuring Tekno (of which I thought Tekno did 95% of the singing...check my review here), DJ Cuppy (real name: Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola) teamed up with Ghanaian star, Sarkodie in her latest track titled ”Vybe” (aka Vibe).

Just like 'Greenlight', Sarkodie did all the work in 'Vybe'. I mean DJ Cuppy sang the hook, chorus and a couple of lines in one verse. She wasn't in total control (in my opinion) and I so much want her to be since it's supposed to be her song. Now if she produced the tune and kept quiet like other DJs do, throwing some one-liners here and there to let listeners know who's in charge, then I will understand.

The song is alright but I know her best is the works....

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