My Interpretation: Childish Gambino's 'This is America' Music Video

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Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino
This morning I was browsing through twitter and came across Charlamagne tha god's Instagram tweet...

A very good question!

Watching the video at first gave me chills accompanied with mixed emotions wondering is the video was really appropriate or not.

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After getting my life together, I watched it again and totally got it. My answer simply is the nonchalant attitude of the government in tackling the issue of gun violence in the U.S.A. and acting like everything is okay. In fact this Instagram user @theeonlyjuan gave a good response...

That's the America I live in, unfortunately...In God we Trust!

But the gwara gwara (South African dance move) though?!!!

And the shoki (Nigerian dance move) though...(notice the two in the imperfect circle)

Up Africa! 

5 things to know about the music video here

Watch the full video...

Nice work, aswear! 

What are your thoughts about the video? Please share below...