Rapper T.I Narrates Encounter With Kanye West On Latest Rants

T.I (image from The Breakfast Club)

Rapper Tip Harris (aka T.I.) stopped by at the The Breakfast Club and talked about his music, family, business and most especially is talk with Kanye West on his latest rants (catch up here, here and here) and his support for that guy in the White House the current President of the USA.

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I have been a huge fan of T.I....as a rapper and as a speaker. He is so smart and articulate when he talks. His style of rap (pour moi) is exceptional and unique.

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T.I, also known as 'The People' for being open and honest about serious issues concerning the African-Americans, had a lot to say about his meeting with Kanye West and twas an interesting one.

All I can say about Kanye West is...Hmmmm!

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