The Message from Nicki Minaj's 'Ganja Burn' (Shots Fired???!!!)

Nicki's album cover for Queen

I done fasted and prayed, had to cleanse my body
Abstaining from sex, had to zen my body
I ain't givin', so don't ask, I don't lend my body
Gotta be king status to give men my body
(He gotta be king status to get in ya body?)
Fuck, yeah, 'cause a Queen is what I embody, uh
(..Ganja burn lyrics)

Know your worth and let nobody tell you anything different. Be confident. Be you!...That's the positive message I got while listening to 'Ganja Burn'.

How about those majestic dance moves by those men? 

So powerful   

Ganja Burn music video issa masterpiece!