Jaye Moni's 'Live Your Life'--- A Message of Hope as Nigeria Celebrates Independence

Jaye Moni (image from @jayeknows)

Some will come and say "wetin come consign this song with Nigeria's independence?" 😅 Well, the message in this song 'live your life', by the one and only (London-based) Jaye Moni, is that of joy, hope and upliftment.

Here's how she described this beautiful song on her instagram post...
Within this very catchy afrobeats and rap fusion is a powerful and uplifting message of triumphing through adversity and living your best life to the fullest...The video is crisp, bouncy and stylish much like the song itself. 

I wouldn't have described this song better that she did. This song's got nothing but good vibes. Jaye Moni's message to the people of Nigeria as they celebrate independence day, on this October 1st 2018, 
You've got to keep trying and shining because life is too short. Timing is everything.  Be patient! There will surely be trials here and there but with positive energy and power, you can go places you've ever dreamed of. Live your best life, no dulling and turn that dark to light. Stay strong! 💪

Watch and listen to this song (several times I must say 😉😉😉), fill yourself up with the positive energy that radiates through and share the video to all that can benefit from the richness of this song. Keep shining!

Happy 58th Anniversary, Nigeria 🇳🇬  !!!