The Only Exercise Routine Suitable For 'Werk' By DJ Cuppy Ft Skuki

Dj Cuppy (middle) et skuki duo - pic from instagram

I haven't started yet I am exhausted. It's like you haven't finished with chewing your food and someone is trying to stuff more food into your mouth. I have got no words for this new song, Werk, by DJ Cuppy ft Skuki, a Nigerian Afro hip hop duo. The YouTube commenter, Zanga, said it all:
The song was good until Cuppy started singing. Skuki, please when is your only version coming out?

Now this song is supposed to be a workout song (because duh? the video). Since Arianna Grande's 'Side to side' song goes very well with cycling (and twerking? 🤔 I think?) Like so...

...the workout routine suitable for 'werk' will now be...

I call that technique the 'skipping rope shaku-shaku style' or 'jump rope shaku-shaku' or  'shaku-shaku rope' or...whatever you want to call it.

I give DJ Cuppy an 'A' for effort 👍 even though many disagree with that. (check out the comments)

Here's the video...