Burna Boy Cashes in on 'African Giant' ...by releasing US tour dates for 2019!


After the issue he had with Coachella about writing his name with a tiny font, he decided to do what most smart people like him would do...😉😏 cash in on the opportunity!!!

He announced the 'African Giant' on twitter scheduled in April in preparation for his major gig at Coachella. His announcement...
Tour dates...

April 1st - Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA 
April 3rd - Fillmore Silver Springs, Silver Springs, MD
April 5th - Apollo Theater, NYC, NY
April 7th - Thalia Hall, Chicago IL
April 10th - Bluebird Theater, Denver CO
April 14th - Coachella, Indio CA
April 17th - Slim's, San Francisco CA
April 21st - Coachella, Indio CA

Yo! Mark your calendar! I have marked mine...cos judging from past shows, it's going to be LIT! I am so excited!