Call Us by Our Name: Stop Using "Afrobeats"

Davido (Best International Act winner) at the 2018 BET Awards
I got schooled by this article I read about how the western music industry address African musicians as 'Afrobeats' stars.

I mean, African music artistes should be addressed appropriately and not bottled (or boxed) under one 'genre'.

Article by Okay Africa:

Op-Ed: To retain ownership of our culture we must insist on labeling popular African music correctly. To name something is to claim ownership. And with the Western music industry's long tradition of appropriation, ownership of Africa's latest export is something Africans on the continent cannot risk losing.

Currently, "Afrobeats" is used as a catch-all term for all popular music emerging from the African continent. The "Rise of Afrobeats" as numerous publications have coined the movement, has been marked by high profile features beginning with Wizkid on "One Dance," followed by a flurry of big record label signings stateside and more recently, interest from streaming giant Spotify, in the form of its recently announced Afro Hub section.

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