Glastonbury Festival 2019: It's Kylie Minogue NOT Kylie Jenner!!!

Kylie Minogue (right) et Kylie Jenner

Wendy Williams got me twisted when she was wondering what Kylie was going to do at the Glastonbury Festival in June. I was like...

Listen! A whole lot of 'Kylies' have existed long before the 'Kylie' that the millennials know on social media that is Kylie Jenner. But the 'Kylie' on the poster is none other than Kylie Ann Minogue, an Australian-British singer/actress. The Legend (in her own right) is also popularly known as Kylie and for that she prevented Kylie Jenner from trademarking the mononym (here)

I am a Wendy Williams fan so I will let this mistake slide. Also she is going through a lot with her sobriety and some other health issues. 

My favorite Kylie Minogue's song...