#Coachella 2019: Been feeling iffy about Kanye's Sunday Service and he proved me RIGHT!

Kanye West (google images)

After Kanye West went back and forth with supporting Trump and not supporting him and then supporting him again, he received a lot of backlash. In order to distract people (in my opinion), he started the Sunday Service.

Elle described the Sunday service as...
...a weekly service that focuses heavily on music—it's unknown whether the services have anything in common with any specific religious format. Kanye seems to be the head of the service, as seen in the videos that have surfaced since it launched.

I knew that something wasn't right with all these until Coachella 2019. He and his 'ministry' went to the hills where he performed gospel versions of older songs like "Father Stretch My Hands," “Power,” and “Fade.” Really?

And guess what??? His team brought along some 'Church Clothes' to sell to his followers fans.

$50 for SOCKS???!!!

And they were definitely in high demand...
Kanye even gave a preview of his new music with 'Water'

Kanye, this is how I'm looking at you right now...because something ain't right!