The Morals of BlackFaceNaija's War...My Mixed Emotions

BlackfaceNaija (right) photo credit: instagram
SHOTS FIRED!!!💥🔫💥🔫💥🔫

I have mixed emotions about this track 'War' by Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo aka BlackFaceNaija. For me, after listening to the song a couple of times, it was both good and bad all at once.

Good in the sense that I love when artistes transfer their TRUE emotions into a song. It gives the track some kind of ...personality and sometimes the song can connect with people who feel what you  as the artiste feel and the listener will have better understanding of what you are going through. Trust me, not a lot of Nigerian musicians possess this quality. So kudos to Blackface!

My only concern with the song is this...why did it take him so long? I know he's got some beef with his former colleague, 2Baba, after 'Plantashun Boiz'. Blackface could have done this song since the beef started and kept it moving to other projects. If 2Baba is not acknowledging what he (allegedly) did to you, just let it go!!!

BlackFace, you are too talented to still dwell on this beef. You alone knows where it hurts and how it's affects you but I do hope that with this song, you were able to release all the unnecessary tension and negativity.

Peace ✌✌ and all the best! 👍👍