Review: Nana Fofie - Désolé

Nana Fofie cover art (credit: instagram)

Ghanaian beauté aka 'Mash-up Queen', Nana Fofie, released her debut EP titled RNBW on April 12th, 2019. Congratulations gurrrl!

She had this to say to her devoted fans...

She is so talented and multilingual as well. So smart! 😏 The EP showcased her linguistic prowess and one of the songs is 'Désolé', a french word for 'I'm sorry'. Her french accent will make you melt for sure. 

The song is about a couple in love but one of them got heartbroken at the end. The song then transitions into "Crazy", the third track on her EP. Incroyable, right?!

Check it out...

The lyrics (French/English)...Thanks google!