Review: Teni - Sugar Mummy...Hit or Miss?

Teni Apata: Photo credit: BAINGOR JOINER

Teni 'Entertainer' Apata, popularly known as Teni,  released the visuals for her latest track 'Sugar Mummy' and it was labelled an 'official viral video'...why?

Too much confidence, huh?😏 It is a very catch song that will definitely make anyone to get up on their feet and zanku...


Actress/Comedienne Eniola her! 😍


This position right here is very uncomfortable to look at...😬 She would have worn something longer to prevent that exposure 😬...Not a cute look at all, sister!

The food duel...very nauseating 🤢

Who eats a mountain of eba with a small plate of stew/soup filled with chicken???🤢🤢🤢 who does that? I understand it's supposed to be funny but it took my appetite for food to negative zero.

The most important part is that the song is very groovy. That's my takeaway.

Which video do you prefer? 

or this one...

I prefer the first one. Check out her feature in vogue.