Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin: "I Paid For An Abortion"...Long Live Love!

Kirk Franklin @ The Breakfast Club

Multi-award winning gospel artiste, Kirk Franklin, visited The breakfast Club to promote his latest album, 'Long Live Love', which was released on May 31st 2019.

He talked about his life struggles. Mehn! At some point, he was speaking pure wisdom to the point I found myself taking notes. It was mind blowing...

On the issue of Abortion (which has been the trending news for some weeks now), he expressed:
I am a pro-life person but at the same time, it will be hypocritical to not also tell you that when I was a teenager, I paid for an abortion...
(Note: A pro-life person opposes abortion and euthanasia.)

On the abortion ban:
I still believe that I don't have a right to force a woman to do anything with her body the same way I can't force somebody to come to Jesus Christ...

When asked why it took him so long to release another album, he replied:
It's my insecurity.

About Kanye West's Sunday service:
Let that man heal.

About those that pull negative stuffs about him from 10-15 years:
I can impress you talking about accomplishments but I can impact you talking about my mistakes.
(That statement πŸ‘† shook me. It's so deep.)

On the sovereignty of God and why He allows bad things to happen, Kirk said:
When you don't understand God's hand, still trust His Heart.

The entire interview had me like:

I truly appreciate his honesty in the interview and even when he said "...as I reveal, I heal", I totally got it because it's true. He is an inspiration. I have listened to the entire album that consist of a deeply spiritual and inspirational songs in line with the title of the album. Father Knows best was my favorite😊

The full interview...

Father Knows best...pay attention to this song πŸ‘‡ "If God is our Father, that makes us family. How can you love God, and not love me?..." πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

You can listen to the entire below or here.

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