Lil Duval - Black Men Don't Cheat ft. Charlamagne tha god...Issa Prank right?

Lil Duval et Charlamagne tha God (photo credit: Bennett Raglin)

Anyone that starts with "...speaking my truth now", better believe that that person is LYING!!!! I can't not deal with these two men comedian Lil Duval and top radio show presenter, Charlamagne tha god talking singing about 'Black Men Don't Cheat'....PUUULEASE!

Listen to Charlamagne tha god explain why 'Black Men Don't Cheat'...

Alright! 🙄 Here's Lil Duval's explaination...

I hear you Lil Duval!

Even this basketball guy, Tristan Thompson, who cheated on her ex (Khloe Kardashian) numerous times, was wearing a t-shirt to support the 'Black Men Don't Cheat' movement 😂😂😂😂😂

This is some joke or what?🤔 All I can say to Duval and Cthagod about this song is "Speak for yourselves". If you 'used' to cheat and all of a sudden repented, good for both of you. But don't go and release a song and cover up for chronic, unrepentant cheaters still lurking around seeking who (or whom) to pounce on. FiNiTo!!!

You can enjoy the song here... I love the beat though but I don't support that movement. Okurrr?

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