The Real Meaning of DJ Cuppy's 'Abena' ft Kwesi Arthur, Shaydee & Ceeza Milli

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola (DJ Cuppy) in Abena

I believe DJ Cuppy's latest song 'Abena' has been rocking the waves both locally and internationally. Some like the song and some don't. This song, to me, sounds basic. There is no other way I can describe it. The visuals was just beautiful and African. Now what is the meaning of 'Abena'?

The urban dictionary described 'Abena' as:
A beautiful,intelligent and stunning west African girl born on a Tuesday.They are known to have very distinct attractive physical features and are mostly models or work in the entertainment and fashion industries. They tend to attract people born on a Sunday.
A person who cares about you enough that they would boost you from depression; a person who brings your self confidence back when you are in pain.

So the song, pour moi, is basically talking about a beautiful girl that the guys are dying for...nothing new. Not a 'wow factor' (the song). 

She quizzed her fans this...

I guess majority love the song and I can't deny them that...😏

If you have a better explanation of what the song is about, please share below in the comment section.

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